4 Important Steps to Ensure a Safe Emergency Tow

Accidents and car troubles are daily occurrences on the highway. When either happens on a dangerous section of the road, the only way to avoid an unfortunate incident is to call a towing and roadside assistance company. However, emergency towing can be tricky; with such a short window of time to conduct the operation, anything can go wrong. As such, it takes great care and professionalism on the part of the towing service to avoid danger. Here are four critical steps to take on your part to ensure an emergency tow goes smoothly.

Provide Clear Directions to Your Location

The first thing you should do if your car breaks down is give the tow company in Los Angeles precise directions to your location. Although it might seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how frequently people make this error. It is simple to overlook little details or mix up street names when under pressure. Thus, inhale deeply and provide the motorist with the necessary information. Additionally, once the car is hooked up, you must let the tow truck driver know where you want it to go. Prior to the tow truck arriving and throughout the tow, this will help save time and prevent confusion.

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Make Sure the Tow Company Uses the Right Equipment

The kind of tow car that is used has a big impact on how safe the procedure is. It needs to be suitably equipped and the right size for the task. Greater vehicles require a heavy-duty tow truck; smaller cars are better suited for a smaller one, such as a tow dolly. All of the binders, chains, and straps needed to secure the car should be there. The towing car must also be capable of handling a trailer if you are towing one. To help prevent any mishaps or accidents during the tow, the equipment should also be in good working order and be properly maintained.

Get the Vehicle Safely Secured

The tow operator must make sure your car is securely fastened before they begin towing it. The car shouldn’t move once it’s connected to the truck. Talk to the driver about your concerns without holding back. A car detaching from the truck in the middle of the highway is the last thing you want to happen. In case something goes wrong, you should also maintain a safe distance from the towing car while it is moving.

Bottom Line

Emergency towing can be dangerous, particularly if done improperly. For this reason, no matter what kind of car trouble you find yourself in, it is imperative that you take the required precautions and adhere to these four easy steps to guarantee a safe and seamless tow. Remember to get in touch with Ambirk Expert Towing and Recovery if you ever need emergency roadside assistance in Los Angeles. Our amiable staff provides flatbed tow truck around-the-clock for a variety of circumstances. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything else when you’re in a difficult situation; let your tow company handle it. Call us right now!

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